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Is Your Marketing Shareable?

By November 14, 2013 April 9th, 2020 No Comments

Your customers love to share information… this data takes the form of photos, videos, location check-ins, status updates/milestones, and information about their friends via tagged posts. This behavior is relatively new given the giant leaps in technology we have experienced in the last decade. In 2002 Facebook had not even been invented and it would take 3 more years before youtube is founded.

Today consumers are sharing almost700,000 posts on and uploading 48 hours of video to every minute.

80% of consumers are connecting regularly with brands online, and sponsored content and reviews make up a huge chunk of these interactions. In this new social world of sharing what is your business doing to encourage your customers to share your brand’s message? With over 2 million Facebook followers Duck Tape® regularly interacts with consumers asking them to share creations, opinions, and videos providing an interactive experience for their social media fans. They also make it easy to share their branded content with a consumer’s own social networks on virtually all of their content. This strategy is also mirrored in their experiential events, like the Duck Tape® Rolls Across America Tour where, instead of a traditional photo both consumers are invited to share video testimonial and brand stories at a video kiosk and their videos are then published to the Duck Tape® Facebook Page.

This example illustrates one of the easiest ways to create content that is automatically shareable. When sharing a unique branded experience consumers feel like they are simply sharing a personal experience rather than advertising for a brand on their personal social media pages. Consumers are much more likely to share a photo of themselves with a logo across the bottom rather than a link to blog post about their favorite disposable razor, and Duck Tape gets the additional branding with their logo displayed and shared on the photo.

Tips for Making Sure Your Marketing is Shareable

  • Have content that can be personalized with a photo or text.
  • Make it funny for viral potential (think Charlie Bit My Finger).
  • It should be easy to share (tweet/like/+1 buttons or social login page).
  • Make it relevant to your consumers and their friends.
  • If you wouldn’t share it on your feed your customer probably won’t either.

Tell us about the message that compelled you to share or have been socially shared from your company. What tactics have worked for you?

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