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Identifying and Hiring The Best Brand Ambassadors

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In our most recent blog, we highlighted the top 10 traits of the best brand ambassadors. As we mentioned, Pro Motion has 25 years of experience in hiring brand ambassadors for field marketing programs. How does Pro Motion go about finding and hiring the best of the best? And why is hiring the best people so important to a brand’s success?

To start, let’s return to why having brand ambassadors is important in the first place. Ambassadors serve an important function of being able to reach and relate to multiple groups of people. The best brand ambassador can grab the interest and attention of individuals who may otherwise ignore your brand. Their ability to relate to and interact with an audience face-to-face is what makes them valuable. Additionally, trust is a deciding factor in whether a potential customer chooses to act. The right brand ambassadors can foster a sense of trust in the brand that can be difficult to create through other marketing avenues. 

Of course, you can’t hire just anyone to be a brand ambassador and hope for the best. Even the most innovative and attention-grabbing event will fizzle if the employees who staff it aren’t up to par. In this blog, we provide some tips for finding your next brand superstars.

How to choose the best brand ambassador 

Let’s start with a recap of traits to look for in potential brand ambassadors. When considering hiring a brand ambassador, keep the following in mind:

Check for authenticity. Potential customers need to view your ambassadors as trustworthy, so it’s important to consider whether you get that sense from a candidate. Consider candidates who convey enthusiasm and genuineness in their personalities. 

Consider those who embody your brand image. An important aspect of authenticity is a brand ambassador’s values matching that of the company they are representing. For example, an environmentally conscious brand’s image could be harmed by ambassadors who litter instead of recycling, and customers expect a brand ambassador to be somewhat knowledgeable about healthy lifestyles and fitness if they are representing a health and wellness brand. 

Look for natural relationship-builders who don’t seem too “salesy.” The different between ambassadors and a traditional sales team is that ambassadors are not heading out to make as many one-time sales as possible. The job of a brand ambassador is to create and nurture strong, loyal relationships between customers and your brand. Strong candidates should understand the importance of making deep connections and educating customers about a product, rather than using “salesy” language. 

Tap into existing passion. The ideal brand ambassador is one who already uses and loves your products. However, that kind of personal experience with you product could be hard to come by, especially for niche services and products. Shore up that pre-existing passion, the best way to ensure passionate brand ambassadors is to have them test the product for themselves and learn how it is used. If your ambassador is recommending a product they don’t have experience with or don’t believe in it, that will be clear to the customer. 

Where Do I Go From Here?

Start Early. Picking the best brand ambassadors should be high on the planning checklist for an event. Waiting until the last minute to secure staff could result in a less-than-ideal team. 

Prioritize in-person interviews. An in-person interview is especially important so that you can evaluate things like confidence, personality, and authenticity. If unable to do an in-person interview, a substitute such as a video interview may suffice. 

Use an agency. Consult with a company like Pro Motion that has 25 years of experience identifying and hiring the best brand ambassadors. We know what to look for in candidates, what questions to ask, and how to handle any issues that may arise. 

In sum, hiring the best brand ambassadors is one of the most important components of experiential and event marketing. The best brand ambassadors can make or break the experience for customers. If you’re ready to work with a company that excels at hiring the best people for your brand, give us a call at 636.449.3162


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