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How to build a 3-dimensional brand: what are the important takeaways?

By May 23, 2013 April 9th, 2020 No Comments

Brand Experiences BookIf you’ve been following our “How to Build a 3-Dimensional Brand” series here on the Brand Vitality Blog, then you’re starting to understand how important it is that your brand interact with its customers—and its leads. In the 21st century, it’s not all about volume; it’s about creating real, natural, and organic interest that can spread virally throughout the web and beyond.

If you want all of the comprehensive information you’ve been reading about building a 3-Dimensional Brand in one place, this article will do exactly that: we’ll review the basics of building that kind of brand and point out the specific takeaways you’ll want to be aware of as you start to launch your own marketing efforts.

The First Question to Ask: “Who?”

Viewing things from your customer’s perspective requires a fundamental shift in attitude that, in and of itself, often fixes many promotional problems. Instead of expecting customer loyalty, you should incentivize it; instead of assuming customers will come to you, you should go out and engage them and give them a reason to do so.

Why Beliefs Matter – Both Yours and Your Customers

There are two beliefs you need to change if you want to build a 3-Dimensional Brand: those of your customers, and those of your own. Do you believe that social media can help change your identity or don’t you? Do your customers have a reason to believe that your company is preferable to your competitors, or are you just hoping they’ll come to that conclusion?

Engaging Your Customers Directly and Providing Value

The first step to engaging new customers is to invite them in with something of value. A product sample, an event demonstration, a contest—anything that attracts their attention and makes it worth their while will help. Then you demonstrate your product value once you have this attention.

Engaging with customers in a live face-to-face environment is almost unheard of in today’s digital environment—but it will separate your company from the crowd.

Probing Deeper: Engaging their Emotions

Most psychology experts will tell you that you haven’t made a real connection with someone until you’ve connected with them on an emotional level. This is true in business, too. Your brand is only 3-Dimensional once your customers have an emotional connection to it. It’s not only about what they like, but about what they feel. Once you understand that, you’re headed in the right direction.