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How to Build a 3-Dimensional Brand: How to Truly Engage

By May 9, 2013 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Diamond-Engagement-Ring-101-10036-41-300x300If you want to learn how to build a three-dimensional brand—a brand that is not only talking to customers but is actually interacting with them on a deep level—then you’re going to have to know how to get started.

In short, you’re going to need to learn how to engage with customers both old and new.

On the surface level, this seems simple: engaging with customers is as easy as talking to them and finding out what they want. But on a practical level, it’s very different indeed. So let’s explore the concept of engaging customers and what it truly means to interact with them.

Giving Your Customers Something Valuable

It’s not enough to ask your customers questions about your products. Many companies invite feedback—just because you receive a little feedback doesn’t mean your brand is truly three-dimensional.

Instead, you need to get customers to view your company as more than a phone number or an online feedback form. You need to give them something to entice them into deeper participation with your brand, whether it’s in the form of a contest, a free sample of your product, or a mobile trade show experience. The more you give, the more customers will want to interact with you on a more meaningful level.

Getting Beyond a Superficial Exchange

In order to get your customers engaged in a three-dimensional brand, you have to break through their typical wall, the mental filter they put up in order to avoid the message of most advertisements. This can be accomplished with an in-person, meaningful exchange.

Experiential marketing includes mobile bus tours, product demonstrations, and other similar live events that engage with customers on a more meaningful level than web ads or newspaper headlines. The more experiential you get with your customers, the more they’ll appreciate the time you take to truly get to know what they want. That’s what a three-dimensional brand looks like.