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How is Your Own Personal Brand Vitality?

By March 6, 2014 February 8th, 2019 One Comment

With the business world moving so quickly and everyone doing more and getting more done in their day, the end of the day is kinda a blur.  I know when my wife asks me what I did that day, it takes me a couple seconds to think back to what is memorable.

What I remember are those “special moments” that stick out in my brain.  In business, we all need to realize that with every conversation, every presentation, every meeting, phone call or email, we are building our reputation and our own brand.  So, when you are sitting in a meeting with 5 other business people, everyone in the room is judging your ability, your worth and your value to that meeting.  Just like a commercial brand, you must take care of your personal brand or someone could switch to another brand.

There are a lot of similarities between a commercial brand and a personal brand.  Just like a commercial brand, positive word of mouth is imperative to your brand’s vitality.  You also must have lots of brand fanatics and if you take care of your brand and are innovative, it will live a long prosperous life.

It doesn’t matter where you work or what you do, everyone is judging your worth every day with every interaction.  To get ahead in this highly competitive world, your brand must be remarkable. Think about that statement, “to get ahead in this highly competitive world, your brand must be remarkable”.   You have to be memorable, you must make a lasting impression, you must do things that cause people to remark positively about you to help you to stand out.  Being status quo, just like with a commercial brand, doesn’t get you ahead in life.

Everyone of us is our own brand.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at your last performance review.  The review is an assessment of your personal brand from your ultimate customers’ point of view – your boss.  Also, think about the conversations you are having with your boss and co-workers.  Are you trending up or down or are you status quo?  Are you seen as a star and team player or is your brand losing its value?

You may want to ask yourself: Does your personal brand need more brand fanatics?  Does it have vitality?  Does it need a complete rebranding effort or are you killin’ it like Mark Cuban, Angelina Jolie or The Beatles?

All of us must be good stewards of our personal brand and focus on what behaviors will increase our value in the workplace.





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