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How HP Got $5 Million in Sales and 3x Pipeline with Mobile Trade Show

By September 20, 2011 January 17th, 2020 No Comments

case studies - hpIt happened a bit by accident. HP was looking for new ways to get C-level executives to meet and spend some time talking to their Client Executives regarding the HP Exstream Software brand. Yet fewer and fewer of these executives were attending trade shows, and when they did…. it was often one or two people out of the entire decision making team.

The same questions kept coming up: How can we get all the right people in one room? How can we talk to them one on one? How can we do it in a relaxed atmosphere? How can we get the time to demo our main product as well as showcasing our secondary products to our clients? Ultimately…. how can we shorten our sales cycle?

So the HP Exstream Software sales and marketing team brainstormed with our team at Pro Motion to develop a solution and the answer seemed obvious…. let’s take the trade show directly to HP’s clients and prospects by setting up a mobile marketing tour in their parking lots. Let’s build a fun showroom with an entertainment area right on the clients’ property, a mobile trade show.  Let’s give them lunch, coffee, evening drinks and a fun reason to come visit us all while making it easy so they only have to walk outside of their office door. Let’s create an engaging event where the clients can see the products, have fun and still be home in time for dinner.  And to top it off… let’s hit about 20 markets in the next couple months to really build the pipeline and shorten the sales cycle.  And that’s how the HP Exstream Results Tour was developed.

The concept is simple. If you have a product which is difficult to demo to a client or prospect in person, or if your sales cycle is lengthened due to the number of decision makers which need to be involved in the process then it is very simple and cost effective to design a solution where the product and sales floor can be brought right to your client/prospects’ parking lot. If your client is in NY or Chicago…. no problem, we know how to operate in Times Square or on Michigan Ave.  We have taken our mobile vehicle tours all across the Nation.

So as people have less and less time to attend trade shows and conferences, the new wave is simple… bring the trade show to them!

PS… Oh yea, the results? 3x growth in pipeline!  Over $5M in closed business for a $250K spend! (Not a bad ROI….if you’re into that sort of thing.)