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Hitting a Grand Slam with Experiential Marketing

By August 15, 2012 January 21st, 2020 No Comments

Blog - Hitting a Grand Slam with Experiential MarketingWith Brewers (or I guess Cardinals) season in full swing, I’ve got baseball on my brain. I started to think to myself that being part of a winning experiential marketing agency is kind of like being part of a winning baseball team.  Right about now is when all the Cardinals’ fans in the office would tell me that the Cardinals are World Series Champs that defeated the Brewers last season to make it to the series so technically the Brewer’s aren’t a winning team, but that’s not the point. The point is, every person in this office is passionate about his or her team, or just enjoys the sport of baseball and cheers for the love of the game.  Plus, it makes baseball season more interesting with bets around the office and a “friendly” smack-talking email that starts on opening day and doesn’t end until the World Series.

The same goes for our clients. No, I’m not saying that we make bets about each other’s program and talk smack about how silly some of the brand ambassador’s look in their uniforms. It means that each account or project manager is passionate about their project. Each office or field team that supports the client and the program cheers for the client, the brand, the street team, the sampling event, the mobile marketing tour; whatever the case, we’re behind our clients 110%. When we have multiple experiential marketing programs on the road, in the field, or in the planning phase, the office gets a little crazy (or I should say crazier than a normal day). When this happens, everyone steps up to lend a helping hand, even if the project or client isn’t their own.

Steve has a saying about PMI, “one team, one dream”. This saying is epitomized by everyone’s willingness to help each other out on projects, brainstorms, proposals, you name it and we’ll work on it as a team.

I’m actually surprised I’ve never seen someone’s head explode from all the details people know about clients and experiential marketing programs, past or present.  I love being in a brainstorm and hearing someone say “what about that street team program we did in ’07 for this client, that would work here as well”. Every face to face marketing program past or present is so important to us that the details stay with us, even 5 or 10 years later. No matter what the case, we cheer for our clients and work as a team. Every team member has his or her own role and makes a difference. Sure that role might change on any given day to reflect the needs of the client. Take me for example; project and account coordinator turned part time talent acquisition recruiter. Is that what I was hired for? No, but that’s what the team needed me to do, so I made it happen. Just like everyone else, if someone needs you to play a different role for the good of the client and the company, they make it happen.

So, it doesn’t matter if you cheer for the Brewers, the Cardinals, or if you’re just a fan of the game. Here at PMI, we’re one team, cheering for all of our clients, big or small. Whether it’s a 1,200 retail store tour for a movie release or a 35 stop tour for a roadshow, our clients have the support of the entire office, not just their account or project managers. At Pro Motion, we always aim for the fences when we’re batting for our clients. Singles, doubles, triples and even home-runs just don’t feel as cool when you’re used to hitting out of the park grand slams.