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Great Partners, Great Success

By April 23, 2018 January 5th, 2020 No Comments

When imagining, designing, and producing an experiential marketing program, there are a lot of resources that come to mind, internal and external. We’ve been in the experiential marketing business for over 20 years, but we wouldn’t be here without some great partners. What kind of partners do you need to pull off a successful program?

Graphic designer

First and foremost, once you have brainstormed all your fantastic program ideas to pitch your potential client, you are going to need to make those ideas come to life in a beautiful, artistic visual. If you don’t have a graphic designer in house, this is something you will need to source or contract out.

Vehicle Branding

A great mobile marketing program starts with a great vehicle. Once your team has selected a type of vehicle and have a vision for the design, pass the baton to your awesome graphics company to wrap the vehicle in the program brand. If you don’t have a vehicle already purchased, this will be something you need to source or rent for the duration of the program, especially if it’s a cool buildout. Get creative! This vehicle can draw so many more impressions on the road when it’s a unique idea versus just a logo or name.

Displays and Signs

image12Next to the vehicle, your signage and activities on site are absolutely crucial to the activation. You need a great graphics partner that’s creative, flexible, and reliable to produce your signage (or even change it on the fly).


There are a few ways to think about photography at your activation. You can hire a professional photographer(s) to capture the whole event. You can also set up a photo booth or selfie station and encourage consumers to take their own photos to share on social media.


Every experiential marketing program needs to have memorable premiums and giveaways. You need a partner that can help you source mass quantities of those particular items, or even produce them if it’s something unique. Typically, you’ll want those premiums branded so the consumer will walk away remembering the awesome activation they experienced and thinking back to it every time they use your premium. And you do want them to be useful (like these portable chargers we passed out with Energizer)!

Technology partners

Don’t forget to consider what kind of technology you will need on site for your activation. Whether it’s an awesome, built out virtual reality experience or even just tablets for collecting consumer data, you need a technology partner or two for your program.

These are just some of the great types of partners we have worked with over the years to to produce impressive experiential marketing programs. Got more questions? Give us a call today!