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Experiential: Stick With It!

By October 10, 2016 January 5th, 2020 No Comments

duck tape pop-up (14)Building client relationships is important for every brand, agency, and staff member you work with on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on our all of our relationships, however, our bond with Duck® Brand Duct Tape and ShurTech, LLC has been fun as we have been able to work with them over the past 5 years on different types of programs.

When building relationships, you are able to provide a comfort and trust level with a client that allows them to say, “Hey, we have this program, can you just handle.” Our relationship started with the Duck Tape® Rolls Across America: a mobile vehicle tour that criss-crossed America and Canada for 3 years. What a fun program!! It started as a mobile experience to promote Duck Tape ® at retail locations and events and morphed into a great way to teach kids about anti-bullying and Sticking Together.

Our client also came to us to help their PR Agency bring their sponsorship of Project Runway to life…what better way to do that than a Pop-Up Store in New York City’s Fashion District. Consumers were able to experience the fun and inspiration of Duck Tape® in a surprising location.This 10-day run started as a PR push and ended with surprise incremental sales!

news - exhibitor magazine duck bus-med_We’ve also provided event planning and operational support for the past five years for the Annual Avon Heritage Duck Tape® Festival. This is a great family-friendly 3-day event that just completed its 13th year, with over 50,000 attendees from all over the country. It’s is a great opportunity for families to have fun learning about Duck Tape®, crafting with Duck Tape®, participating in a Duck Tape® fashion show, and eating great food!

Our sticky relationship with our friends at ShurTech and Duck Tape® opens a window into Pro Motion’s organizational goals: maintaining great relationships with our clients while we help them build their brands.