Experiential Marketing NYC (New York)

The Brands

We pride ourselves on the brands we have had the opportunity to work with. Each campaign—whether it’s lottery tickets, duct tape, or promoting a presidential election—is a unique story with challenges and solutions that made each of them a success. Here is a selection of some of our most successful experiential marketing campaigns in New York City.


New York Lottery: Minute to Win It!

For this campaign, we were tasked with promoting the launch of the New York Lottery’s newest $5 scratch-off game called, “Minute to Win It.”  Our biggest challenge was developing, building, and activating a mobile tour at malls throughout New York state to not only create brand/game-awareness, but also to generate excitement and provide education regarding the new scratch-off ticket game. All this had to be accomplished while increasing distribution and brand loyalty.


Duck Tape™ Pop-Up Store

On the heels of the brand’s debut on Season 11 of Project Runway, Duck Tape® sought to truly go “from the roll to the runway.” Our biggest challenge was to make a splash in the fashion capital of the world with an unconventional but intriguing product. We decided to focus on drawing attention to the vibrant palette of colors and designs available from Duck Tape®, positioning Duck® brand duct tape as the undisputed creative leader in the duct tape industry.


CNN: The 2008 Presidential Election

The presidential election of 2008 was electrifying, to say the least. Pro Motion was there in Times Square when Barack Obama was officially elected president. It even caused people to surge out of their homes and into the streets of the Big Apple, closing streets in celebration. For Pro Motion, this was the culmination of an event marketing campaign for CNN that began at the caucuses.

The Pro Motion! Approach

To us, every campaign is unique and requires a custom approach, strategy, and execution. This meticulous planning and forethought combined with our extensive knowledge and experience makes for the perfect campaign to launch your brand or new product to the masses.

New York Lottery: Minute to Win It!

After conducting extensive research, Pro Motion took action by joining forces with the New York marketing firm, DDB New York, to create an interactive, engaging, and memorable experience related to the popular Universal Studios game show Minute to Win It. This approach created the unique opportunity to tap into an existing market.

We created an event tour where we showcased one-minute games inspired by the TV show. Customers (aged 18 and up) could play to win the new scratcher lottery tickets. Players needed to present one of the new scratch-off tickets to participate. The games could be played at three difficulty levels and were awarded lottery tickets offering a chance to win up to $1 million:

  • Easy – winners were awarded 2 lottery scratchers
  • Average – winners were awarded 5 lottery scratchers
  • Difficult – winners were awarded 10 lottery scratchers

The games came straight out of the NBC show and included challenges like Face the Cookie, which challenges contestants to move cookies from their forehead to their mouth using only their face, and This Blows, where a player must continually blow up a balloon and expel the air from it to knock cups off of a table. Watch the video to see the fun, excitement, and engagement created by this experiential marketing event in NYC.

Duck Tape™ Pop-Up Store

In April 2013, Duck Tape® and Pro Motion opened the first-ever Duck Tape® Pop-Up Shop, located at the corner of 40th St. and Broadway, in the Fashion District of NYC. We provided the experiential marketing strategies, logistics, and operations, including:

  • Store staff and management
  • Retail operations and development
  • Permitting & site negotiations
  • Street teams and runway models

The Team transformed an empty corner space into an eye-popping, fashion-inspired retail destination where designers from Season 11 of Project Runway kicked off the opening with a Fashion Show, highlighting the brand’s appearance on the show. Check out the runway show video!

CNN: The 2008 Presidential Election

Fro the 2008 election cycle, CNN chose Pro Motion to be part of their mobile marketing force. Effectively, bringing a voice to the viewers of CNN and exposure and support for their commitment broadcast, cable, and other business partners. The focus of the Tour was an Airstream trailer that Pro Motion transformed into a mobile recording studio where politically passionate guests were invited to record a short video which would go on to be made available online and even on the air over CNN broadcast. Other features of this campaign included:

  • Custom crafted political memorabilia
  • Mobile CNN television kiosks
  • CNN sponsored internet cafes
  • A massive “graffiti” wall

CNN also wanted Pro Motion to give special attention to their loyal and vital cable partners, affiliates, and advertisers. So, Pro Motion organized VIP events at each stop on their mobile marketing tour. This strategy included hosting fun and entertaining VIP cocktail receptions specifically for CNN’s most valued affiliates.

Pro Motion! Results

Any experiential marketing campaign, be it in New York City or in a small town, is judged by its results. How much product was distributed? What factors increased your brand’s awareness and by how much? How many experienced your product? Here are the results from our experiential marketing events in NYC!

New York Lottery: Minute to Win It!

Our New York Lottery campaign was one of the top five most successful new ticket launches in the history of the state’s lottery. Here’s what Pro Motion did to make that happen:

  • Visited 26 malls and casinos over 11 weeks
  • Local Celebrity involvement (Yolanda Vega, Gretchen Dizer, and Jina Myers)
  • 4,269 Challenges Played. (All requiring a New York Lottery Minute to Win It ticket purchase)
  • 1091+ Branded T-Shirts Distributed
  • 401+ Branded Hats Distributed
  • 37,000+ visual impressions
  • Generated on-site event sales and increased awareness of the new game

Are you convinced your product or brand needs an experiential marketing event in NYC to increase awareness and drive sales? Start a conversation with Pro Motion and see if an experiential marketing campaign is what you need to bring your brand to the next level.

Duck Tape™ Pop-Up Store

In this single location, Pro Motion saw great results from their experiential marketing campaign that filled the store for the 12 day event. In that time, this was achieved:

  • More than 15,000 shoppers visited the store
  • 37.5 million media impressions,
  • Coverage from GMA Live, DNA Info, The Gothamist, and more

Are you convinced your product or brand needs an experiential marketing campaign in NYC to increase awareness and drive sales? Start a conversation with Pro Motion and see if an experiential marketing campaign is what you need to bring your brand to the next level.

CNN: The 2008 Presidential Election

The CNN Election Express Yourself program inspired viewers to utilize CNN as a political resource in record numbers. Throughout Pro Motion’s marketing tour, tens of thousands of consumers were reached! Over the course of CNN’s election coverage campaign, Pro Motion was able to directly contribute to these results:

  • CNN’s Presidential election coverage achieved its highest primetime ratings in history
  • CNN lead all broadcast and cable networks on Election Night
  • CNN unseated Fox News in the hotly-contested 10pm timeslot
  • CNN was the #1 cable network in its target market for all three Presidential Commission debates as well as the Commission’s Vice Presidential debate

What’s more, the tour exceeded the goal of getting consumers focused on the upcoming elections and building relationships with CNN’s partners all while gaining PR attention. The campaign was a huge success with the CNN Election Express Yourself Team interacting with over 50,000 consumers, traveled over 9,000 miles and distributed over 100,000 premiums!

Pro Motion is Experiential Marketing NYC!


Experiential marketing events in NYC are not a “one size fits all.” We know and understand that each campaign is a world of its own, with unique challenges, opportunities, and strategies. Our job is to understand who you want to reach and go to them with your product and brand so they can be part of the experience in the city that never sleeps, New York. Pro Motion will organize the New York City experiential marketing campaign you need to be successful.