Experiential Marketing USA

Pro Motion provides national experiential marketing campaigns for every major city in the United States. Providing engaging, exciting, and effective demonstrations and marketing tours that get your brand into the hands and eyes of your market.

National experiential marketing campaigns in the USA is not a one-size-fits-all. We know and understand that each city is a world of its own, with a unique culture, history, and people. Our job is to understand who you are wanting to reach and go to them with your product so they can be part of the experience. Whether it be the never-sleep city of NYC, the multicultural sprawl of LA, or the windy city of Chicago, Pro Motion will organize the experiential marketing campaign your city needs to be successful.

New York City

The city that never sleeps. The Big Apple. The Capital of the World. Fast-paced and on the cutting edge of everything. A multicultural bliss of every demographic and intent imaginable. It is the dream city for all marketing, and event marketing is no exception.  Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. With millions of diverse consumers at your fingertips, you need your product to be in the hands of your target market. You need marketing. and you need it to be experienced. That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing New York!

“There is no place like it, no place with an atom of its glory, pride, and exultancy. It lays its hand upon a man’s bowels; he grows drunk with ecstasy; he grows young and full of glory, he feels that he can never die”

– Walt Whitman


Re-born from fire, the windy city is described as the pulse of America. Rarely do you find such universal pride and unity in a city of millions. Heck, their beloved Cubs haven’t won a world series in over a century but their fans still pack Wrigley Field for every home game. That’s the kind of brand loyalty Pro Motion will deliver to your business through its national experiential marketing campaigns. We will put your products in the hands of the perfect customer for your business and make a brand fanatic out of them. That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing Chicago!

“One of the hallmarks of Chicago is that we do so many things in an original manner. What other city has made a river flow backwards? What other city makes traffic flow backwards?”

-Mike Royk

Los Angeles

LA, where a thousand cultures collide into a splendid combination of culture, movies, and food. The sprawl of Los Angeles is considerable, stretching for miles and containing over 4 million residents. You have to look the part and act the part. and if your product makes it big in LA, it will be big everywhere. Our experiential marketing expertise will find your brand’s niche within the millions of Angelenos and make it thrive in Hollywoodland and beyond. That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing Los Angeles!”

“If most American cities are about the consumption of culture, Los Angeles and New York are about the production of culture – not only national culture but global culture.”

-Barbara Kruger


A city of sports heroes, fashion icons, and music legends. It is the Dogwood City and a hub of entertainment and shopping. It is filled with a mixture of southern charm and modern culture. A populace geared and ready to be the next big thing, the top dog, the pride of the south. Imagine your brand, your product, in hands of thousands as they march up to Turner Field or out of a concert at Fox Theatre. Pro Motion will put its experiential marketing street teams into action to get your products out where they belong with your target market. That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing Atlanta!

“Atlanta? I think it’s the greatest city anywhere I know of.”

-Ivan Allen

San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Alcatraz, and home of the 1906 earthquake. It’s a place rich with history and genius. Businesses like Apple, Shutterfly, Netflix, and Jamba Juice call it home, along with scores of other multi-million dollar brands. Imagine your product or brand being delivered on Pier 39, the most popular destination of the city. With our award-winning national experiential marketing campaigns, Pro Motion will help make your brand a leader in your industry and put your product in the hands of those who need it most. That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing San Francisco!

“Money lives in New York. Power sits in Washington. Freedom sips cappuccino in a sidewalk cafe in San Francisco.”

-Joe Flower


Founded during the lawless times of the wild west, Dallas has grown into its own mix of southern hospitality and western culture. A magnet for billionaires and successful businesses, it is the perfect setting to build a brand or launch a product. Let Pro Motion help you make your business the next American success story. Let us find your target Dallas market and make them see your brand and experience your products in a fun and engaging way that promotes sales and brand awareness. That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing Dallas!

“Well Dallas is a jewel, oh yeah, Dallas is a beautiful sight.

And Dallas is a jungle but Dallas gives a beautiful light.”

-Jimmie Dale Gilmore



On the shores of Lake Erie sits Cleveland, Ohio. Landmarks dating to its days as a turn-of-the-20th-century manufacturing center include the Steamship William G. Mather, now part of the Great Lakes Science Center. It’s also known for the stately Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Orchestra, and the I.M. Pei–designed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum. In Cleveland, experiential marketing teams are successful because of the city’s rich culture and spirit around its sports teams, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland is the place I grew up and lived much of my adult life, so it will always be a part of my soul.

-Mark Edwards


The sandy beaches, the constant radiance of the sun, and the people young and old. Little Havana is always abuzz with tourists and eager shoppers. At Biscayne Bay, there is the famous South Beach with its historic buildings and nightclubs that are the site of many national and global trends in dance, music, and lifestyle. Here is the perfect place for your game-changing product to find a stronghold in a community that wants to be on the edge of everything new and exciting. Here, experiential marketing teams will thrive with the spirit that is Miami and its people. That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing Miami!

“Miami is a melting pot in which none of the stones melt. They rattle around.”

-Tom Wolfe


The great sprawling metropolis in the Lone Star State.  With more than 2.2 million residents, Houston is ripe for any experiential marketing campaign willing and able to reach them. Numerous entertainment districts from sports to theatre, all will be the hub of activity needed for success. See your products in the country’s 4th largest museum district where history is learned. Or, venture to the bustling business district where history is made. Make your niche, create your success. That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing Houston!

“I just really like Houston despite its craziness. There is a sense of energy and a kind of excitement, ‘We’re going places and God knows what’ll happen next.’ It’s very interesting. It’s very exciting.”

-Gail Collins

Las Vegas

It’s known as Sin City, the entertainment capital of the world, and the city of lights. The place is always alive with activity. Shows, games, clubs, it is the place to indulge in fantasy and give in to the taste of opulence we all crave. It is the perfect opportunity for your product to be in front of the thousands who walk the strip expecting to be entertained at every turn and glance. This is your chance to shine as bright as the Luxor. That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing Las Vegas!

“A little bit of this town goes a long way.”

-Hunter S. Thompson


This Emerald City has become a premier destination for those seeking to explore the culture, arts, and entertainment of the Northwest. Here, people find any excuse to go outside and be part of the community. They hike, kayak, walk the town, and have lunch dates in the park. In short, they want to experience life. Give them that very opportunity for your next experiential marketing campaign. Be part of their lives! That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing Seattle!

“To some extent, Seattle remains a frontier metropolis, a place where people can experiment with their lives, and change and grow and make things happen.”

-Tim Robbins


Music City is a place rich in culture and people. No matter the weather or temperature, the streets, bars, music halls, and theatres are full. Even the streets are abuzz with music acts and up and coming solo artists. It is the ideal setting to launch your next experiential marketing campaign and get your product into the hands of those who will benefit most from it. This is your chance to shine with the rest of em. That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing Nashville!

“Nashville has a great creative atmosphere. It’s a small, close-knit music community that you can’t find anywhere else.”

-Kim Carnes

St. Louis

Let this gateway city be the launchpad to your experiential marketing campaign. It’s unique character and culture, molded in the heart of our country where East meets West, will be what makes it different from every other city in this country. Let it breathe life into your product by showing it to the people of St. Louis and letting them be part of its and excitement. That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing St Louis!

“In Missouri, where I come from, we don’t talk about what we do – we just do it. If we talk about it, it’s seen as bragging.”

-Brad Pitt

experiental marketing

Washington, D.C.

The country’s epicenter. Where ideas become law and persistence can make a difference in the world. A place of history, struggle, success, failure, and future. Make your own history here and let the people od Washington DC be a part of it. You will not have to look far to find where your experiential marketing campaign will take you. The question is only how high and how far are you willing to go? That’s why Pro Motion IS experiential marketing Washington DC!

“We defend and we build a way of life, not for America alone, but for all mankind.”

-Franklin Delano Roosevelt