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Experiential Marketing: Memories from 2018

By December 28, 2018 January 5th, 2020 No Comments


This year was one for the books for us here at Pro Motion. We had the opportunity to work on lots of innovative programs with new and previous client and agency partners. We brought playful family events to kids across the country. We ate some delicious food. We made new friends and memories. We continued to showcase the power of experiential marketing by connecting brands to their target audience via face to face events that created brand fanatics for our clients.

So what are some of our top moments from 2018?

Most unique program or event: The KaBOOM! and Target Play Everywhere Tour – two great companies came together in partnership to help communities and bring a play opportunity to Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Miami.

Biggest event: This year we had almost 50,000 visitors at the Duck Tape Festival in Avon, Ohio!

Mobile marketing tour with the most miles traveled:  Our B2B mobile tour with Vertiv consisted of two trucks traveling to over 100 stops across the country and Canada. This tour allowed the Vertiv Sales Team to have stronger presentations and build better relationships with their clients. Oh, and we understand their customers bought lots of their products along the way too.

Program with the best social media posts: The KaBOOM! and Target Play Everywhere Tour had some amazing and highly visible social media posts. Guests of the event were encouraged to post, but there were also posts from fitness guru and Target C9 apparel ambassador Massy Arias. Massy’s  incredible followers drove awareness and engagement on social media but also as they showed up at the event to work out with her.

Most delicious program:  The Tractor Supply Company Tour hit all state fairs nationwide. It may not be healthy, but that state fair food is delicious! Think deep fried, bacon wrapped, caramel drizzled brownies.

Favorite Employee Event:  The daily huddle at 9:27am – we catch up each day, talk about work, lunch, Netflix, what we did the previous weekend – we connect. Sure some huddles are kind of a weather report of what’s going on, but some days, when someone is stuck or we have a great opportunity for a client, magic happens and that is when the energy level is off the charts!

Best success of 2018

More and more brands continue to realize they need to be face to face with their customers.  The industry is growing and brands are spending more money each year creating emotional connections and AHA moments with their consumers.  Also, B2B brands are really seeing the value of our industry since the ROI is so clean and transparent during and after the event. With all the clutter in the marketplace, creating cut through experiences are becoming a real force with brands who have had an awareness problem, brands that need to be experienced to be understood, and brands that have a real story to tell.

And of course, we know our programs are a success when we hear the feedback and see all of the happy, smiling faces after consumers engage with our teams!

From our team to yours, hope your 2018 was fantastic and we look forward to working with you in 2019!