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Event Marketing – What is it?

By February 12, 2014 April 9th, 2020 One Comment


Event Marketing – whether you are sponsoring a special event, a team or sporting event, or even having your own custom event, the whole customer experience must build an emotional connection, delivering fans to your brand…fans that drive word of mouth and drive sales.  So what is event marketing?

Event Marketing is category that covers many different types of events.  Event Marketing is a way for your brand to connect with your consumers in a meaningful way.  It is all about getting your consumers to touch, taste, see, feel, smell your product so they begin building a connection with your product and your brand.  It provides the opportunity to take your customers from rational decision making to emotional decision making.  The ultimate goal is to turn your consumers into brand fanatics and build life-long relationships.

Event Marketing programs can be one day or multiple days.  They can be in one location or multiple locations.  They can be for 200 people or thousands of people.  There are no limits on designing and activating an Event Marketing program.  Below are some Event Marketing tactics and examples:

Event marketing provides a wide open canvas to get your brand noticed by your customers.  So what type of Event Marketing program is right for your brand?  A small intimate affair?  A huge blow out?  One that is open to the public or one that is just for your customers and prospects?

It may seem overwhelming, but we know what questions to ask to truly understand and diagnose what’s best for your brand.  Interested in learning more about how Event Marketing can build your brand?  Give me a call, I love to meet new people.

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