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End of Program Checklist for Street Teams and Mobile Tours

By March 22, 2011 January 20th, 2020 No Comments

Blog - End of program checklist for Street Teams and Mobile ToursWhat happens after an event marketing program wraps up?  Below are a few checklists to outline the typical process for street teams and mobile tours.

Mobile Tours:

  • Return to agency or brand headquarters (in most cases)
  • Turn in activation manual and/or any training and brand positioning documents
  • Prepare a complete vehicle, equipment and product inventory
  • Complete final time sheet and expense reports
  • Make sure all event reports are completed accurately
  • Upload final pictures and video
  • Clean out vehicle, store project specific materials or ship them back to the client
  • Turn in all program items and equipment such as camera, laptop, fuel card, corporate credit card and vehicle keys
  • Submit log books (if applicable)
  • Program evaluations with Project Manager
  • Home sweet home

Street Teams:

  • Inventory all items
  • Ship any components to Project Manager
  • Complete final event report and upload pictures and video
  • Complete program evaluation
  • Submit final invoices and any expenses

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