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Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

By November 7, 2016 January 17th, 2020 No Comments

Traditional advertising is ineffective

According to a recent study conducted by the Center for Media Research, only one out of five Americans pay attention to a traditional online advertisement.

Now, more than ever, marketers are faced with finding new and innovative ways to reach their target audience. Traditional advertising is proving to be ineffective, which means that you cannot be afraid to stand out.

Marketers are moving away from the standard advertising models, as they simply are not effective for consumers who are very conscious of current advertising methods. In order to stand out, you have to be different.

One way marketers choose to be different is through experiential marketing. According to Event Track’s 2015 Executive Survey, approximately 6% of big name companies are choosing to increase their experiential marketing budget. The reason? – they understand the importance of standing out.

How can experiential marketing make you stand out?

  1. Offer Consumers a Memorable Experience

In our recent Tractor Supply Company Fair Tour, we sent Brand Ambassadors across the country in branded vehicles and trailers to offer TSC’s consumers a memorable experience.

Fairgoers had the opportunity to take pictures with Spec, the bull and were given a free print out of their picture to take home with them. They also had the opportunity to play fair-style games, enter to win exciting branded prizes, and interact with the TSC footprint in their own community.

The feedback provided from consumers indicated that their time on the TSC footprint was a memorable experience: one that they would be able to take with them.

  1. Increases Sales

Event Track’s 2015 Executive Summary reported that 96% of consumers said they would buy a product or service they were interested in as the result of experiential marketing. The numbers speak for themselves.

At our Snapple Straight Up Tea Time Tour, we were challenged with the task of increasing trial and awareness of Snapple’s tea among consumers ages 18-49. Because we brought the product to our consumers, we gave out over 500,000 bottles of tea!

Due to the success of this tour, Snapple was able to distribute 111,941coupons, gain 5,276,429 vehicle impressions, and 968,168 sampling impressions. This in turn drove sales in an organic manner.

Innovative technology allows companies to track their efforts along the way, and see real time numbers that result in sales.

  1.  Bigger Can Be Better in Experiential Marketing

In an experiential marketing campaign, marketers can choose to draw a crowd. Larger than life footprint elements are sure to draw a crowd, and gain valuable impressions.

For our Tonka’s Mighty Dump Truck Mobile Tour, we brought a larger than life, street legal Tonka Truck to Wal-Mart stores in ten markets. The footprint—celebrateing Tonka’s 60th anniversary—also included an inflatable Tonka slide, and giant birthday cake.

Exciting elements invite consumers in and allow you to make a memorable, lasting impression on visitors. These are the types of experiences that end up on social media, too.

Experiential marketing differentiates you from your competitors. Be bold, stand out in the crowd, and see what experiential marketing can do for you.