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Does Your Brand Drive Deep Emotional Connections?

By January 23, 2014 February 8th, 2019 One Comment

ram-tattoo-5I was wondering the other day why I’m so willing to spend time on the Board of Big Brothers and Sisters.  The organization is doing some great things and I’m more involved than ever and it’s because I have an emotional connection to the success and the mission of the organization.  In fact, I’d say I have a deep emotional connection to the brand, which makes it easier for me to make the necessary time in my busy schedule.

Emotional connections are true throughout our lives and drive our behaviors.  We coach our kids sports teams because we believe that sports are a great foundation for our young kids.  We drop whatever we are doing when a friend or family member gets sick and we are very brand loyal to those brands that we have an emotional attachment towards.

On the brand side, I know guys who will only buy Ford trucks, ladies who only shop at a certain grocery store and kids who love Bauer hockey equipment.  They all possess the same loyalty and what is driving the loyalty is the deep emotional attachment they have to the brand, and that drives profit for the brand.

So the question becomes, why do some brands obtain the deep emotional connections stature and others don’t?  There are hundreds of reasons but the most common one comes down to that connection we have with certain brands.  Some brands make us feel good about ourselves (BMW).  Some taste so good you can’t eat just one (Lays Potato Chip).  Some brands help us work or play better, or so we think, (Taylormade golf clubs) and some brands we understand how they function (Apple) so we don’t even try other competing brands.  Because of this connection, we are loyal and when we are loyal consumers we spend more money with a brand, we tell others about the brand and we’re not interested in any benefit from one of its competitors.  These brands are said to have Brand Vitality.

The next question is how do you get this “deep emotional connection”?  Well, take a look at my next blog to learn more.

Does your brand create deep emotional connections to your consumers?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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