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A Day in the Life – Summer Intern Edition

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A Day In The LifeCollege. The crucial point in a person’s life when they learn the skills needed to be successful in their future field. In order to further promote that success in securing and flourishing in their careers, upperclassmen often work at summer internships, which provide experience, networking, and resume enhancements.

After months of searching for my own summer internship in the marketing field, I came across Pro Motion, which as you may know, is an experiential marketing firm.

You might be thinking, “What does an intern at an experiential marketing firm do?” Well, there are no “typical” days at Pro Motion.

Each day is something new and exciting, and no two days are alike. Working at Pro Motion is nothing like I would have expected a summer internship to be like. Let’s run through a few of my experiences at the office.

Pro Motion, stands by and operates on its five core values. The second value, “Work as a Team, Win as a Team,” was in full effect at a recent team building exercise. During my first week here, we took a trip to Escape from St. Louis.

Together, we competed as an office team against our traveling TSC Tour team. It was a fun way to hang out with each other and to see how we fit together as teammates.

A Fun Work Environment

Each and every task I am assigned is crucial to the company’s success,

but that does not mean that I’m not having fun!

As a summer intern, I help with finding the right products for an event, or ensuring that each component is working and ready to be sent out on the road.


I have worked on tasks such as visiting IKEA to shop for key program components, to “testing out” a life sized piano. Who said work can’t be fun?

Real World Experience

As an intern, I have been given the opportunity to work on a number of large-scale projects.

I help with everything from social media to providing support for ongoing projects and tours within the

company. I also get to work directly with clients, and help ensure all of their expectations and needs are being met.

These experiences allow me to better understand the marketing field while applying the skills I have learned during my years in college.

At Pro Motion, I get to see the program be built from the ground up, with a direct role in ensuring project success.

Each day, I get to come into a fast-paced work environment that is constantly evolving and changing.

Creating social media content for Pro Motion

Creating social media content for Pro Motion

I am getting practical real world experience, while also enjoying my time in the office. I know that working at Pro Motion this summer will definitely be an experience I will not forget.