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Brian Dooley Gets Smart for 2015

By December 3, 2014 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Brian DooleyAuld Lang Syne…

Another year come and gone. Another whirlwind cavalcade of opportunities seized or lost. Successes, failures, beginnings, and endings…

2014 saw the beginning of my time here at Pro Motion, Inc., my introduction to experiential marketing, and my start in improv comedy. Truly a transformative year.

With all that’s happened this year, 2015 has some big shoes to fill. In that spirit, I’m going to kick it off right…with the traditional New Year’s Resolutions


I’ll continue taking classes and pursuing the stage at the Improv Shop. In addition to helping with my crippling social anxiety, improv training and performance continues to shape my interactions in all aspects of my life.

I’m going to work on my writing more. Sketch and comedy writing, and possibly a reintroduction to my days as a poet. Writing has always been a passion of mine…it’s time to make it a priority once again.

I’m going to make more of an effort to not hide how much of a nerd I am. A common complaint among my coworkers is that I don’t talk about comic books enough, or that I only wear one Star Wars shirt a day. I will find a way to remedy this.


My introduction to experiential marketing has gone better than I could have possibly imagined. The family here at Pro Motion has given me quite the 101 on everything about experiential marketing: street teams, event production, and mobile marketing tours…as well as loading trucks, unloading trucks, and organizing a warehouse. In 2015, I’m looking to ramp up my education and learn more about the specifics of my new industry…perhaps less loading, though. Books, blogs, conferences, and on-site engagements will be my home away from home while I’m pursuing my higher education.

Specific to my position, I’m excited to roll out an internal marketing strategy for my new family, bringing our audience the best quality content in the most useful formats. Building the strategy is just part of the work. I also need to wrangle my team of brilliant and unspeakably busy management and in-house talent to execute the strategy and bring in leads.

Pro Motion

In 2015, I want to see PMI taking calls and meetings from more of the best possible clients in the world. We already boast an incredible roster of partners and well satisfied clients, and I want to make sure that those streams don’t run dry. It’s my job to get the enticing information in front of those possible clients. If I do that well, then the wizards here at Pro Motion will take care of the rest.

Happy New Year!

I’m looking forward to 2015 and all of its myriad possibilities. What are you looking forward to in the coming year? How can Pro Motion, Inc. help?
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