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Brand Ambassadors vs. Professional Drivers – Who do you choose?

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Blog - Brand Ambassadors vs. Professional Drivers-resized-600Brand Ambassador vs. Driver – what to do?!!

As you plan your mobile vehicle tour either internally or with your experiential marketing agency, an important decision needs to be made and this is one that usually gets pushed to the bottom – because it’s not that important, right?


This decision is one of the many important decisions to be made during the planning phase.  Why?Because the person or team that you have in place are the face of your brand and also responsible for a potentially large asset that could pose risk management concerns.

Why a Brand Ambassador?
Brand Ambassadors are the face of your brand and should be hired based upon the target demographics of your brand.

Top 5 Tips for Recruiting Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors are marketers that can be trained to drive many types of vehicles – from Volkswagen Bugs to towing a 30’ trailer.  Some of these vehicles may require a CDL license (A or B) based upon combined vehicle weight.

Why a Driver?
A professional driver provides the type of service you may need for larger vehicles.  If the vehicle you have chosen is a tractor trailer or motor coach, then you will need a professional driver with a CDL A license.

A professional driver will have multiple years and 500,000+ miles driven under his/her belt.  This is a person you should hire for risk management and peace of mind.

And to further make you think, the best decision could be hiring a Team that includes a professional driver and a brand ambassador.  The driver ensures the vehicle is transported in a safely and timely manner and the brand ambassador servers as the face of the brand and manages the mobile vehicle tour.  This is a solution we provided to our HP client for their B2B tours: The Top 5 Benefits of B2B Mobile Tours.

Having the right team in place for your mobile vehicle tour can make your life easier.  As you prepare for your next mobile vehicle tour, keep the above in mind and call us for more solutions.