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Blueprint for Planning an Experiential Marketing Retail Tour

By February 20, 2013 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Blog - Blueprint for Planning an Experiential Marketing Retail Tour
Do you have a product you would like to have your consumer try before they buy?

Would you like to have that same consumer try your product and then walk inside a retail location for an immediate purchase?

Then you are ready to start planning your experiential retail tour!

The first thing to do when thinking about activating an experiential marketing retail tour is to determine your goals..   Program objectives are a big part of planning any type of marketing expenditure.  As they say…”What’s get measured, gets funded.”  What is important to you and your team that will raise the bar?  Sales?  Additional shelf space?  Prominent displays?  Coupons distributed and redeemed?  Touches?  Return on investment is an important start and there are many things you can measure for the success of your program.  Check out our blog article, How to Measure the ROI of Your Mobile Tours, for some inspiration.

Ok, now, you’ve figured out that in order to get your brand to the next level you need to show an increase in sales and coupon redemption… how does that happen?  The next step  is to think about what the experience will look like.  What is the consumer experience that will entice them to stop and check out your brand and then ultimately purchase?

In the next blog about retail tours, we will explore consumer experiences and other things to think about as you put your experiential program plan together.  Or, if you don’t want to wait… just give us a call!