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Bigger isn’t better in a Marketing Agency relationship.

By September 18, 2013 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

small_business65At Pro Motion, “we don’t want to be the biggest experiential marketing agency, only the best.” That has been our mantra since 1995, the day we opened our door at Pro Motion. Being a huge agency has never been very exciting to me as an agency owner. Being the best; now that is something to strive for!

It may seem odd to some but we only work with 10 clients at a time. Since we only focus on experiential marketing, we are completely committed to creating great experiences not only for consumers but also for our clients. We are able to provide lots of great service and focus from our account teams and our senior management team. One of our core values is “work as a team, win as a team” and our team approach to client service really resonates with ourexperiential marketing clients. I’ve worked at places where the focus was getting bigger and it didn’t matter if the client work was great or not, what mattered is that they were growing. We on the other hand, continue to grow because our client’s brands are growing first and foremost.

We had an opportunity recently from a large brand that was looking to build a large mobile vehicle tour experience and they were “interviewing” agencies to see if the agency fit into their list of “agency wants”. It became apparent fairly early on that this particular client didn’t meet OUR list of “wants” and the discussion ended fairly quickly. Being able to walk away when there is not a fit is a nice comfort to have. It also helps me sleep at night and makes us appreciate it when we match up culturally with a new client.

Giving exceptional over the top service has yielded our agency some long-standing client relationships with some of the top marketing brands in the world. At the end of the day, no industry award even comes close to having a client reward us for doing great work by continuing to trust placing their brand in our hands year after year.

I’m sure it is difficult for other agencies to understand, but we are better because we won’t allow ourselves to grow just for growth’s sake. Yea, I know, some would never consider turning down revenue. We are focused on treating our clients like rock stars with a great group of smart experiential marketing professionals who are fully engaged and vested in every client’s success.I’m sure that like you, we work long hours and spend a lot of time with our clients on the phone and in the field. We just get to work with people we like and respect and with brands we are passionate about!

So we really don’t believe bigger is better…and neither do our clients.