Brand Vitality

Be Authentic.

By October 25, 2013 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Does your marketing align with your Brand’s Promise? This fundamental question is an important one that easily differentiates a polished brand from the crowd of scattered messages that consumers are constantly drowned in. Now that is not to say that you need to come up with a catchy phrase that you call your brand’s “promise” and stamp it on all of your collateral. Rather, that if you are in charge of marketing for a t-shirt company that prides itself on providing the “softest cotton t-shirts ever,”and you’re latest commercial and print campaigns describe how bright the colors of your t-shirts are without mentioning how soft your shirts feel than you may have issue with your brand messaging and identity.

You may ask yourself daily how you can make your products more compelling. The simple answer is to paint an honest and vivid picture of your brand for consumers and invite them to experience the nature of your brand. We have always taken this approach when designing projects for our clients and it is the only approach that gets results. When a consumer feels like he or she gets to be a part of brand by participating in a real brand experience, they are more likely to become engaged and invested in that brand.

Take a look at Coca-Cola, their marketing and messaging. Its very consistent in supporting their brand promise. “Open Happiness,” or “drinking coke will make you happy,” it’s a simple promise but it’s never deviated from. You won’t see an ad touting coke’s superior flavor or latest celebrity endorsement, rather you’ll see the animated polar bears, or nostalgic and sentimental POV testimonials that elicit thoughts of joy and happiness. Coca-cola even invites consumers to experience the brand at their “World of Coca-Cola” exhibit in Atlanta and they have brand experiences at hundreds of events and experiences around the globe.

Experiential Marketing can put a face, personality, and environment together to create the perfect sensory experience for your brand. Every element can be engineered so that your brand is a stronger and more attractive