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Ask A Millennial – Social Media Edition

By August 1, 2016 January 5th, 2020 No Comments

In case you haven’t heard, social media is all the rage these days.


According to a recent study conducted by eMarketer, 88% of companies are using social media for marketing. That means nine out of ten companies are online, hoping to market their company or product to today’s tech-savvy crowd. 

What about the other 12%?

Do companies need social media?

While they may not have all the answers, millennials make up a large proportion of social media users. A Harvard Institute of Politics study found that 83% of millennials report using Facebook, 53% are on Instagram and Pinterest, and 42% use Snapchat.

Millennials also have an enormous purchasing power – about $220 billion annually. What can be done to capture this growing market share through social media?

In this edition of “Ask A Millennial,” let’s find out what the 20 something’s have to say on social media marketing.

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The Question: What can companies do to successfully market to millennials using social media?

Celebrities – Opinion Leaders

“Because of social media, celebrities greatly influence young adults and teens. Products sold by companies that are used or advertised by celebrities attracts buyers. Millennials are all about following the new trends set by their favorite celebrities.” – Kate W.

Promotions & Coupons

“I am in love with colorful online coupons that contain lots of pictures of what they are selling. One of my favorite companies has the most appealing advertising. They use lots of colors, fun fonts, and the deal they are offering is the focus point. I really hate fine print – so I like when companies just tell me what I need to know.” – Therese N.

“I feel that promotions or special offers are a great way to target millennials using social media. I am always looking around when shopping. When I see a special offer, it already has my attention over others. An attractive image also never hurts. If the ad looks cheaply done or not put together, then I will be highly skeptical of the product or service.” – Sam M.

“I’m more inclined to look into a company if they offer a discount for the first purchase. It really puts their foot in the door and I’m more likely to make a second purchase. Since most of us either have a budget or have to work for our spending money, we really are looking for the best deal out there.” – Isabel H.

Brand Ambassadors

“When companies use brand ambassadors or campus reps, it really hypes up a product. The ambassadors are relatable, and the photos they take really make the product stand out.” – Casey M.

Social media is one of the most influential tools currently available to business owners. By targeting millennials, the opportunity to tap into the $220 billion dollar buying power of millennials is becomes widely accessible.

Whether it be through using celebrities, coupons, giveaways, or adding a brand ambassador program to your business, reaching an increasing number of millennials can positively affect your brand.