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The 9 Best Apps for Success with Mobile Marketing Tours

By March 12, 2014 February 8th, 2019 One Comment

The functionality of mobile apps is always growing, making our lives easier and easier. And this means you can now download an app that does more than just fling birds at green pigs. That’s right, now there are apps out there that make an experiential tour marketer’s life easier, and even make them better at their jobs.

I want to share with you the apps that make mobile marketing tour life easier and make managing these programs a breeze. Here are what I consider to be 9 must-have apps in Mobile Marketing so you can really make a dent in your career and not in your psyche!

1. Evernote

In Experiential Marketing you learn that circumstances/situations change constantly. It can be grueling to keep track of all of the random pieces that can fall apart at any moment. Thankfully that’s where the evernote app can save your life (well at least your job). What’s cool about it is that it not only gives you an easy place to make notes, add photos and create lists galore. It also syncs all of these notes across your devices (so the notes you made during an event will show up that night on your laptop when you are completing your recap.)

2. Google Drive

Spreadsheets, event pictures, word docs can all be very difficult to manage when changes are being made on the fly and off-site. A great way to mitigate the woes of multiple file versions floating in the ether is to use a syncing service like google drive. It lets you and your team edit a single document and keeps you out of “filversion1.a.1b.12” HELL. It also makes it easy to share up to 15GB worth of files for free! Check it out (here)

3. Trello

It’s great to see progress you have made and what comes next when it comes to planning and activating a Mobile Marketing tour. Using a project management app like Trello makes this task a breeze. Trello is a collaboration tool for to-do lists. Each team member has a “board” where they list tasks they have to do, tasks they are working on, and tasks they have completed.

4. Yelp

Life on the road can be tough, everything from washing your clothes to finding a place to eat dinner can start to feel like a never ending project. Yelp makes life simpler by showing you the places you want to know about and how far they are from you. People use Yelp to search for everything from the city’s tastiest burger to the most renowned cardiologist. (My advice, always read reviews before picking an Indian restaurant).

5. Tempo

Designed to help busy professionals prepare for what’s next, Tempo Smart Calendar is like having an assistant anticipate what you need and surface that information right in the calendar, when you need it most. By eliminating the need to use multiple apps to discover mutual contacts, cull relevant emails, find contact information, notify attendees if you’re running late or get directions to your next event, Tempo does more in one tap so you never miss a beat.

6. Kayak

Finding hotels, flights, and car rentals is a snap with’s all in one travel search. You can easily compare hundreds of travel sites at once, in one comprehensive, fast and intuitive display. If you want to spend hours searching every airline, hotel and other travel site yourself, that’s one option. If you would prefer an easier way to find a good deal, try out kayak’s awesome apps.

7. Groupon

Ok… so you may not need to know the latest and greatest deal on local yoga studios, but Groupon is a great tool to find local treasures for cheap! Whether it’s dinner for two or a white water adventure Groupon may make a sleepy little town in Illinois your favorite stop in the country.

8. HHonors (insert hotel rewards program of your choice)


Sleeping in a new bed every night is a pain. Finding a great comfortable hotel chain that gets your repeat business can save you time and stress. Once you select your go to hotel brand make sure you join their rewards programs and USE IT! Racking up points is easy once you hit the top tier (this is coming from a HiltonHonors Diamond member here) and you can use the points for things you would normally spend your hard earned paycheck on. I cash in my points every year in November to do all of my holiday gift shopping, and I have found that consistency in hotel choice can literally put thousands of dollars in your pocket.

imgres-79. Google Maps

The newly designed Google Maps app for Android devices, iPhone, and iPad makes navigating your world faster and easier. Never get lost as you discover new places and tricky to navigate event locations.

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