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Activating street teams for mobile vehicle tours

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As a veteran in the experiential marketing industry, we’re very familiar with street teams and why they’re a great fit for some of our clients. As PMI President Steve mentioned above, the value of a street team is that we can get your brand in front of the consumers at a local level and make that personal connection.

What should you keep in mind when deciding to execute a street team activation for your client?

  • Do the client’s goals for their experiential program sync with the concept of a street team and bringing their brand to the people on a local level?

If yes, move on to the rest of the items for discussion on your checklist!

  • What qualities are we looking for in Brand Ambassadors that will highlight the enthusiasm around this particular client’s product or brand?

Our client TBS tasked us with creating a buzz about their new show “Men at Work” in Los Angeles. We specifically sought out to deploy a team of attractive female Brand Ambassadors dressed in hard hats and construction vests to look for young, millennial male fans. The Brand Ambassadors visited the hottest bars and restaurants in Hollywood as well as Fraternity Houses on the campus at UCLA. They had one goal in mind – find the men and get them excited about the show and our experiential event.A women in construction gear promotes the TBS series, Men At Work

  • Do we want to execute planned events or pop-up guerilla marketing stunts that will surprise and delight the consumer?

The Sun Drop street team challenged consumers to “Drop it like it’s hot” before rewarding them with a delicious sample of the beverage. Street Teams targeted guerilla pop up events as well as sponsored events with high attendance of the brands’ target demographic. And of course, you can’t forget an awesome branded and wrapped vehicle for the street team to drive around their markets for the most visibility!Van and Team

  • What fun premiums or delicious samples will we pass out in this activation?

For our client Red Baron Frozen Pizza, we couldn’t ignore the obvious idea: pass out fresh slices of pizza to passersby in the street! (or coupons for the nearest store if the consumer wasn’t hungry on the spot) Over the course of a week our street team distributed over 44,000 pizzas across Chicago. That’s a lot of hungry consumers and a lot of possibility for conversion to customers!Yummy Pizza at Wiggley Wabbit

  • What types of events will we send the street team to in each market to engage with consumers? (Think sporting events, retail locations, university campuses, malls, etc.)

Our client Three60 Gear wanted us to help launch their new high-definition photo shirts at four major league baseball stadiums: Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, Yankee Stadium in New York City, and Target Field in Minneapolis. The goal was to create awareness for the Three60 Gear brand for a purchase call to action. Our street team had a blast engaging with the fans before and after the games in fun chants and raffles for t-shirt giveaways. For this particular client and the goal of the promotion, it made the most sense to have our street teams positioned at these high traffic baseball stadiums.Case Studies - Three60 Gear Street Teams (6)

Street teams are a fun way to get brand ambassadors on the ground, connecting with your client’s consumers at the local level, and bringing awareness and enthusiasm to your client’s brand.

Still not sure where to start when planning your street team executions for mobile vehicle tours? Check out our E-book Successful Street Teams to get your creativity rolling!