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ABC’s of Experiential Marketing (Part 3: M-S)

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Welcome back! As we enter the second half of our series on the ABC’s of Experiential Marketing, we hope you are learning a lot about Experiential Marketing and the different concepts that can help you grow your brand.Honeycomb

  • M is for Mobile Marketing Tour. Take your brand on the road. Grab the best team to create and produce a memorable experience, procure a cool branded vehicle, train the best Brand Ambassadors and start gaining impressions and Brand Fanatics all across the country. Learn more about Mobile Marketing Tours here.
  • N is for Nationwide. Having a nationwide tour extends the reach of your brand and grants the ability to engage with thousands of your consumers face-to-face. Additionally, a nationwide tour can provide millions of visual impressions as your branded vehicle (think moving billboard) drives across the country. Discover more about nationwide tours here.
  • O is for Obstacles. Overcoming obstacles in the marketing world often takes creativity and tenacity. It’s key to work with your team to make sure that obstacles don’t become show-stoppers, and that the focus remains on creating a deep emotional connection with your consumers. Find out more about avoiding and dealing with obstacles here.
  • P is for Production. Production, in short, is making stuff. Every Experiential Marketing program includes some type of production, whether it’s collateral, premiums, a memorable experience, or a 53′ Tractor Trailer. It is important to understand all of the steps for producing your program’s elements and making sure your production partner or your agency partner have the experience necessary to make your life easier. More info on production can be found here.
  • Q is for Quick Turnaround. If you are outsourcing your Experiential Marketing program, your agency partner must be nimble, flexible, and provide you with a quick turnaround. Having an agency that is responsive and quick on their feet ensures that you continue to look like a rock star in your department and your company. Find out more about quick turnarounds in this article.
  • R is for Return on Investment. How do you measure the power of your marketing dollars? Whether your brand is B2C or B2B, programs that provide ROI will continue justify further investments in Experiential Marketing programs. How do you find that ROI? Find out more here.
  • S is for Street Team. Feet on the Street, Brand Ambassadors, a face to your brand – whatever you call it, having a local, regional, or nationwide Street Team representing your brand takes it to the next level. There’s no limit to the utility of Street Teams. Learn more about it here.

Want more?

You can check out part one and part two, and come back for the thrilling conclusion, as we cap out entire alphabet, including the hard-to-use letters!

In the meantime, give us a shout with any of your questions or thoughts on Experiential Marketing!

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