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7 Tips to Manage a Lottery Field Marketing Promotion

By April 14, 2011 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

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However, when it comes to running a successful Lottery promotion, YOU HAVE TO KNOW! And you have to know IN ADVANCE!

Use these tips on the things “you need to know” to successfully introduce and promote a new product for your next Lottery field marketing promotion:

1. PEOPLE – Know that you have the best team.

  • Having a rock star promotional staff is a requirement for any event, but this is especially true when your team needs to maintain a consistent level of enthusiasm that will not only draw participation from your target demographic, but from passers-by as well.
  • The importance of having engaging Brand Ambassadors is increased even further when there is a “purchase required” or a cost associated with participating, as Lottery promotions often do.

2.  TRAINING– Know how to properly prepare and support your team.

  • Selecting a talented, enthusiastic, and experienced promotional team is the first step. Once selected, these staff members should be prepared and trained to excess. They should be working off of pure muscle memory before they load-in at the first location.
  • Providing comprehensive and accessible support to your team once they are in the field is equally as imperative. Their confidence in the fact that their best interests are being considered while designing and executing the logistics of a program will facilitate the morale necessary to maintain consistency in performance. The promotional staff is the backbone of any program. Keep them happy!

3.  COMMUNICATION– Know how, what and with whom to communicate.

  • From the regional specialist, to the venue’s marketing director, to the operations department and security. There are a tremendous number of people who you will need to communicate with in advance to make your event much more successful.
  • It is important to know what information you require from each event location, what they need to know from you and which issues need to be directed to what departments.
  • Simply corresponding with venues in advance can circumvent issues that could have otherwise created difficulty, inefficiency or other obstacles.

4.  ENGAGEMENT– Know how you plan to draw attention and make the experience fun.

  • It all starts with a great idea. It is important to take into consideration how your customer will perceive the promotion. Whether it is collateral distribution, prizes, celebrity appearances or an entire game-show set complete with as-seen-on-TV challenges, you need to plan how the main attraction will be presented to the crowd.
  • Pre-event advertising and on-premise promotions and signage can significantly increase the number of interested attendees on activation day.

5.  LOCATION – Know and properly select your location!

  • Location in a Market – You must know that your demographic will be in attendance, so make sure that you are visiting areas where your products have been well received.
  • Location in a Venue – You must be accessible and in view of the heavy foot traffic. You can have the greatest setup in the world, but it will do no good if you are in the empty wing of the mall.
  • MAKE SURE YOU VISIT THE VENUE IN ADVANCE IF YOU HAVE A SUBSTANTIAL SETUP OR LOAD-IN! Oftentimes, venues will over-estimate their space. Your team will know better than anyone what the load-in and footprint will require.

6.  ADAPTATION– Know how to quickly adapt without dramatically changing the overall experience.

  • From location, to personnel, to load-in, to demographic every activation day will present its own set of unique characteristics and challenges.
  • An experienced and prepared team should be actively communicating with local contacts well in advance of the event activation. This will allow the team to predict necessary alterations and accomplish organic adaptation in the field.

7.  HAVE FUN! – Know how to create a fun atmosphere that everyone enjoys!

  • A great idea, an exceptional team and in-depth preparation should bring with it an experience that will be as entertaining to the staff as it is for those whom the promotion is targeted.