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7 Things your Mobile Marketing Tour Needs!

By September 25, 2013 January 18th, 2020 No Comments

Experiential marketing takes thought…

I was recently combing through my memories today of the recent experiential marketingactivations I have seen this year I started to really think on all of the detail many of these events were missing. As a professional in Mobile Experience Marketing I take pride in just know what needs to get done to produce an excellent event marketing tour or one-off. But more and more I see programs that lack the core elements that make Experiential Marketingso powerful. So I came up with a list of components that can make or break an Mobile Marketing Tour.


1. Publicity

In the über connected world we live in (Facebookers… you know what I mean), it is now as simple as a mouse click to have your messages heard by thousands (even millions in some cases). Brands are failing to invite the most powerful consumers out there, thier fans! Whether it’s a press release to local news outlets or location targeted announcements on facebook you must make your event known to the public.

2. Clear Message or Call to Action

Consumers have to be told what to do, and what to learn, they may love your event, and they may have a great time playing your spin-to-win wheel but what good does that do your brand when the consumer walks away and has no idea what your product is or why they should care? You have to make your message a centerpiece for the event.

If you make the fastest computer in the world, but at your events you hand out free usb memory sticks, what good does that do for your brand or your product?

3. Personality

I can think of so many ways to show off thepersonality of a brand with out using the elements in this photo. Make an impression and really consider if your event is actually giving your audience an experience worth remembering.

4. Mystique/Allure

This one is difficult… But don’t think I mean that you must have flashy design, or high tech components to be alluring. You events should be inviting and approachable and really get consumers to say, “what’s going on over there?”

5. Interaction

Have you ever been to events with Brand Ambassadors just handing out generic premiums with a logo on it (eg. pens, hand sanitizer, usb sticks). Just, “here take a free pen!” Have you done it yourself? If you want to engage your consumers you have to give them something to do or talk about. Whether it’s a brand ambassador educating and asking questions to attendees or an digital interactive element. Gamified experiences can really make your event into a viral sensation.

6. Informed Brand Evangelists

Experiences are only great when a team of passionate, enthusiastic, and well informed brand ambassadors are there to support the consumer as they participate in the experience. Taking the time to properly train your brand ambassadors is not an option it is a requirement. Choosing the golidilocks personality to represent a brand is essential, and keeping them informed will make your mobile marketing tour an amazing success!


7. Plumbing

To quote the co-founder and president of Pro Motion Inc. Steve Randazzo, “we’ve learned that average [experiential marketing] programs focus on the fixtures, while the great programs focus on the plumbing.” It takes a full team of creative problem solvers and “jack-of-all trades,” “no task is to small,” experts to make a great mobile marketing tour, from art and creative, to tech and mechanical the plumbing is what will make your program valuable not only in it’s first year but it is what will set you up to continue to grow your programs and your brand with an amazing experience.

So that’s it! Take these elements and make sure you are covering them in your programs, if not give us a call we’re always excited to work with new partners ready to create amazing experiences. Have some tips you think I missed? Leave a comment! We want to hear your thoughts!

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