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6 Tips to Convert Your Sampling Program to Sales and Extend the Event

By August 18, 2011 January 17th, 2020 No Comments

Blog - Converting Your Samples to SalesWe blogged the reasons to activate a sampling programand examined the pros and cons of retail sampling.  But one of the most important steps when activating anexperiential marketing sampling program is converting the trial samples to actual sales.  There are a few steps that you can take to encourage immediate purchase.

  1. Offer a coupon – Provide a coupon to be used that day.  Provide a generous discount to encourage additional trial.
  2. Provide a purchase incentive – Provide a buy-one-get-one offer for immediate purchases.  Offer a special premium or award for in-store purchases.
  3. Activate a sweepstake or game – Activate a sweepstakes with exciting prizes or develop a fun and interactive game to engage consumers who purchase your product as a reward.

Whether they purchase immediately or not, you will want to extend the event and continue the conversation with your consumers.  Below are a few tips to keep them interested.


  1. Collect consumer data – Gather some contact information so you can keep the conversation going.  Name and email address are the most important and pretty easy to capture.  You can use this opportunity to ask other differential and feedback questions but remember the longer the survey the less consumers will be willing to participate.  So be sure to keep your questionnaires brief.  You can obtain more information with future touches.
  2. Encourage social sharing – Brand your coupons, collateral and signage with your social media sites.  Share hash tags at the events so consumers can tweet about the experience.  Take onsite photos and post to your social media site encouraging consumers to check out their photo online.
  3. Follow-up – Send a thank you email for visiting the event.  Send a follow-up coupon.  Provide an additional coupon for them to send with a friend or family member encouraging them to provide a recommendation for your product.

When developing your next street team or event marketing sampling program be sure to remember these tips to help convert samples to sales and to extend the experience long after the life of the event.

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