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5 ways to WOW with Guerilla Marketing

By July 6, 2011 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Blog - WOW Guerilla MarketingGuerilla Marketing – you see it and think to yourself “now that is really over the top cool.” It is awe-inspiring; it wows you and makes you think differently about a product.  So I was thinking – what have I seen, done or heard that could be considered a  “wow” moment in the experiential marketing industry?

  1. Flash mobs – are fun and always have a ton of energy. They stop us right in our tracks because we want to see more.  There is even a television show dedicated to Flash Mobs since it’s so unique and fun.
  2. Out of place things – think about something like a king size bed in the middle of Times Square, with a family sleeping on it, that is promoting a new type of mattress that gives you a great night’s sleep.  Or how about a bath tub with tons of bubbles on the corner of a busy intersection with a women appearing to be naked (in a swimsuit) promoting the new heavenly bath salts.  Maybe it’s a lifeguard sitting outside of a bagel shop, twirling a whistle and listening to some beach music.  These things would make anyone (well most) stop and think about that product.  Now when you are buying a mattress and trying them all out, you will most likely think of that bed in Time Square won’t you?
  3. Odd drops – wallets scattered all over a city with $5 bills in them with information on a new bank coming to town.  What about something falling out of the sky or appearing on street corners, park benches, etc. – pull-tab lottery tickets, shirts, watches – which can be branded and will include a message so the consumer will associate that product with that particular wild and crazy moment.
  4. Creative/Unique Messaging – this can be as wowing as a message appearing along the entire length of a tall downtown building or as simple as one on a park bench or bus stop.  It also includes fun sidewalk graffiti, clings and chalk masterpieces that are typically displayed on the ground.
  5. Normal encounters at random moments – a Brand Ambassador in line buying your coffee and handing you a little note with a creative message about waking up with their product or someone handing you an energy water just as you are walking in to the gym.