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5 Things you should be doing in your down time

By November 26, 2014 July 24th, 2019 No Comments

You know how you’re always looking for something to do? How your days just don’t have enough work packed into them? I thought so.respect

This is, traditionally, the slow season for the experiential marketing industry. Yearly budgets are all spent, and the planning and development for next year has begun. It’s never time to start skipping work, but this is the least hectic quarter for most of us.

Despite the actual lack of free time in your busy schedule, there are still things that you should be doing to stay sharp and to keep yourself at the top of the pack, in your dealings with street teams, event production, and mobile marketing tours..

You should be trend watching

No one knows everything, and it is quite impossible to know everything about your industry. Even if you’re an expert in your field, there’s always something else that can be learned.

Watching trends, making predictions, and staying on top of what’s going on are how you can keep yourself and your work at the top of your game. If you think you know the next big thing, you can offer it before anyone else. If you’re paying close attention, you can even get a jump on the next one. I can guarantee that your competitors are probably already thinking about it.

You should be doing recon

Speaking of which, find out what your competitors are doing. It’s a no-brainer.

You’re not just being nosey, you need to see if and what they are doing differently from you…and if it’s working! Use this information to improve your business.

You should be navel gazing

When you have a second to think, it’s time to sit and listen to the front line. Who are your most trusted advisors? The people who are making it happen for you…the people who do it for you day in and day out. What are their thoughts? What do they see as your strengthens and weaknesses? Do they see any opportunities? Do they know how to make things better?

Now analyze these thoughts. How does your estimation of yourself stack up to theirs? Where do you need to focus, and what should you look at changing?

You should be networking

Pull out your contacts. Start calling people, emailing people, and inviting them to lunch or drinks.

It’s time to see if you can help them out now, if they have anything else going on, or if they know anyone who could use your services.

Relationships need time to grow and mature. Once you have it, use it wisely.

You should be practicing gratitude

Ok, this is a hard one, but it is time to sit back for minute and be thankful for all that you have.

Look at what you did this year and remember when you couldn’t sit back and relax and relish the moment. Simply consider how good you have it.

Reach out to the people that have helped you get to where you are and thank them, too.

I can promise you this, it will be Spring soon enough, and you won’t have time for patting yourself on the back then because, just like every year, you’ll be knee deep in activating programs all over the country.

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