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5 Reasons to Use a Marketing Agency Instead of Doing It In-House

By September 11, 2017 January 5th, 2020 No Comments

Companies looking to do an experiential marketing program often debate whether to hire an experiential marketing agency or use in-house resources. We have five reasons why you should choose to use an agency to yield the most successful program for your brand.

  1. Teamwork of professionals

    You and your program deserve to have a great team behind you. The key players on this team include the Account Manager, Project Manager, and your team on the ground, the Brand Ambassadors. The Account Manager will be your go-to for budgets, contracts, strategy for ROI, and general team lead. The Project Manager handles the day-to-day details, logistics, and manages your team on the ground. The Brand Ambassadors are the face of your brand out in the field. Another asset that an experiential marketing company brings is a roster of their best and brightest Brand Ambassadors in different markets they’ve worked with previously.


Experience in the field

On top of the fact that you would get a great team in place for your program, you also get the expertise. Your experiential marketing agency is an expert in their field. They’ve worked in different industries with different kinds of clients, regions, audiences, and a whole range of successes and problems. They can likely predict the trends and potentially problematic situations that might arise in the field. This is great foresight to have on your side.



Once the program goals for ROI have been set, sit back, relax and watch the numbers roll in. Your experiential marketing agency is responsible for tracking all of the numbers! I.e. against the budgets as well as the other defined metrics throughout your program. They will analyze and deliver a full report.



Another benefit of all the expertise an outside experiential marketing agency brings is their established partnerships and vendor relationships throughout different cities that they’ve worked in in the past. You won’t have to source new vendors for each item on the production list. This will be a huge asset for you in the development and production of an experiential marketing program.


Outside perspective and creativity

Using in-house resources, you might have trouble seeing your product or services from different viewpoints. An experiential marketing agency will bring fresh ideas, an objective perspective, and a whole lot of creativity to your program.

As Pro Motion Account Director Cathi Kennedy says, “[Experiential marketing agencies] have processes in place: from development to production to activation…anything that can happen when a program is out in the field. [The partnership] allows you to do YOUR job at your company, allows the agency to do their job, and everybody excels at what they’re doing.”

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