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5 Reasons to Use a B2B Marketing Agency

By June 4, 2018 January 5th, 2020 No Comments

You’re a well-established B2B brand and a veteran tradeshow exhibitor. But you’ve noticed a plateau in sales leads and often feel as if your voice is drowned out in a sea of competitors in the hectic exhibit hall.

How can you increase those quality sales leads and differentiate your brand?

Hire an experiential marketing agency!

While most people think of B2C campaigns when it comes to experiential marketing, we know it can be successful for B2B brands as well (in fact, we’ve proven it!).

Here are 5 things an experiential marketing agency can offer your B2B brand.

Experience in the field

Hiring an experiential marketing agency instead of doing it in-house brings a level of veteran experience in the field. Partners at a good agency become experts in your field and in your target audience, and work collaboratively with you to create the best experience and best ROI for your brand. Our experience working with B2C and B2B clients yields proven results for why an experiential marketing program will work for your brand.


Speaking of proven results, we build data collection into our experiential marketing programs so that you can see the ROI immediately. While no agency should be dictating your specific sales metrics, your partners will track program impressions, event attendee numbers, appointment numbers, etc. Pro Motion also provides technology on the footprint to help you gather leads, photos, or other metrics you would like to see captured during your tour stops.

Customized experience

Your phone call to a potential sales lead just can’t compete with a hands-on experience. An agency can design that for you. Maybe you have a new product, or perhaps you’re just reviving an older one. A mobile tradeshow experience allows you to speak to key decision makers AND have them try your product firsthand…at no cost to them. An experiential marketing agency can build out an impressive and interactive mobile exhibit. One that travels straight to your leads’ doorsteps. Think of all the quality face-to-face interaction.


As a veteran of experiential marketing campaigns, Pro Motion has many partners and creative developers to bring to the table. We will help you source the best vehicle to represent the brand experience, design the vehicle wrap, design, and produce the interior experience. We’ll handle all other logistical details for the mobile tour. We do all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on those quality conversations with your prospects.

Go the distance

Do you have time and/or resources to exhibit in over 200 tradeshows throughout the country? Probably not. But a mobile tradeshow program can cover a huge amount of ground in a short time, efficiently utilizing your resources. For example, our Invacare Mobile Training Lab tour reached 286 markets across four regions in just two months. Now that’s a lot of brand exposure!

Ready to learn more about how an experiential marketing agency can benefit your B2B brand? Contact us today!