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5 Reasons to Activate an Experiential Marketing Sampling Program

By July 21, 2011 October 28th, 2019 No Comments

Blog - 5 Reasons to Activate SamplingYou know you love getting free samples!  Everybody does!  Whether it’s a street team with free product sample distributionof Sun Drop at your local convenience store or free product sampling of portable cell phone charger from Energizer at a concert people get excited about free products!  So besides making people happy by giving them something for free what are some other reasons to activate an experiential marketing sampling program?

  1. It’s GRRR-eat! – Because you’re product is really great!  You know your product tastes great or works really well and consumers just need a chance to sample it themselves to see why they should buy it.  You have a lot of confidence in your product.  Let’s face it; if your product isn’t very good then people aren’t going to be lining up to buy it after they try it.
  2. Won’t Break the Bank – Your product is inexpensive enough that you can afford to offer a free sample or even a trial size to catch your consumers attention.
  3. Where’s Waldo – You need to stand out among the crowd.  If you have a lot of competition then you need to give people a reason to by your product.  Let them buy with confidence after they have tried your product for themselves.
  4. New Kid on the Block – You have a new concept or a new product and you want to introduce it to the marketplace.  If it is something that needs to be explained or something revolutionary that you need to see to believe then you should be activating an event marketing sampling program.
  5. Give ‘Em Something to Talk About – You want to generate some buzz.  If you want to get people talking then let them try a sample of your product.  Use this opportunity to get feedback and you might even get some tips on ways to improve your product.

Once you’ve determined if a sampling program is right for your brand be sure to follow these tips to determine where you should activate your sampling street team program (Pros and Cons of Retail Sampling with Experiential Marketing Programs) and follow these tips on how to activate your sampling program (5 Ways to Get Consumer Participation at On-Premise Sampling Events).  If you’re not sure if sampling is right for your brand give us a call and we can walk you through the ins and outs of it as we have a lot of experience managing sampling programs.