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5 Reasons Integrated Marketing Just Makes Sense

By February 2, 2012 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Why is your marketing message so much more powerful when you integrate it across mediums?  Why is consistency so important?  Below are 5 reasons why it is more powerful to use integrated marketing rather than tactic specific campaigns.

  1. Message consistency – Develop a message that fits your brand rather than a specific marketing medium.  Use this message in all of your external marketing communications to ensure that your consumers aren’t confused by multiple messages.
  2. Creative consistency – Create a recognizable look and feel for your marketing efforts.  Be sure to use the same imagery, logos, colors, etc. across all of your campaigns.  This helps the consumer recognize your brand.
  3. Multiple touch-points – Creating one consistent integrated marketing campaign to activate across several mediums provides multiple touch points for consumers with your brand.
  4. Increase recognition – Integrating your marketing campaign to ensure message and creative consistency provides greater recognition and retention.  Consumers are more likely to remember your message if they have read it in an ad, seen it on your social media and heard it from an experiential marketing brand ambassador.
  5. Save time and money – By developing one message and one creative style guide rather than multiple campaigns you will save time and money.  This will allow you to focus your efforts to ensure successful activation of your integrated marketing program.

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