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5 Keys to a Solid Experiential Marketing Agency Relationship

By September 24, 2014 February 8th, 2019 No Comments

Hiring an agency to execute an experiential marketing campaign is a big step. You are empowering someone to essentially become your brand in order to create brand fanatics. The best way to have a deep emotional connection with your agency is to start from a solid foundation of comfort and trust.

Here are 5 things to pay attention to as you select the perfect agency.

  • 5 Keys to a successful AgencyDo they ask a lot of questions? These preliminary questions help the agency to dig deep into your business and your brand, and will also drive your internal thoughts and strategy!
  • Do they listen? After they ask each question, do they interrupt your answer, or do they let you fully explore your response? A gifted and invested agency values not only the substance of what you are saying, but how you are saying it, and the context surrounding everything. Listening to you is one of the most important first steps.
  • Do they set expectations? For everything? A good agency sets expectations…for everything. Once expectations are set, everyone is on the same page. Most importantly, with clearly defined expectations for communication, goals, and deadlines, success can be measured.
  • Are they passionate about your brand? If the agency you’re speaking with isn’t as excited about your brand as you are, then they are the wrong partner. As far as you’re concerned, your brand should be the most important part of their life. Watch them—see if they represent what you represent.
  • Are they knowledgeable?  Have they taken the time, asked the questions, and done the research to learn everything possible about your brand, goals, objectives, interests, favorite foods, etc? Again, in order to represent you, they need to become you.

If the experiential marketing agency you’re vetting seems to have this solid foundation, you’re on your way to a successful relationship. It is your agency’s job to make you a brand fanatic for them, and to make your customers brand fanatics for you. Optimally, there will be hugs all around!

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