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3 Ways to Turn a Short-Term Sponsorship into a Long-Term Engagement

By May 2, 2018 January 5th, 2020 No Comments

Want to prevent your one-time branding moments from becoming flashes in the pan? Try these three techniques that continuously put your product top of mind:

1. Try a One-Two Punch
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor. The so-called fight of the century. Corona paid around $10 million for primary sponsorship of the worldwide event. Yet what would happen if a total knockout occurred in the first round? That money would be gone.

Corona wasn’t taking chances, though. Its eggs were placed in many baskets: prefight VIP soirees, post-fight celebrations, and media events. The brand even had the “Corona Girls”—wearing branded gear, of course—on hand during ring time. In other words, the beer company had an air-tight integrated plan in place. The length of the fight didn’t really matter; Corona would win no matter who took home the belt.

Technically, Corona sponsored a one-time event. However, it drove hype to alleviate factors outside of its control. You can, too, by extending your moment in the limelight to make the experience and investment worthwhile. You’ll never worry about a worst-case scenario because you’ll be in great shape.

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