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“Our B2B mobile road show was a great resource for our sales team. It cut the sales cycle in half. Our branded motor coach and experience was like 6 touches.” -HP

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"Intuitively, we know we have to continue to find creative ways to get in front of our customers and prospects and the roadshow strategy delivers.” -Hussmann

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“…Brand Experiences provides a unique perspective on experiential marketing from a practitioner’s point of view and provides readers with a roadmap for creating truly memorable marketing.”



We are an Experiential Marketing Agency.

We help B2B /B2C brands and agency partners cut through the clutter & drive ROI and ROE! 

Here’s How We Are Different!

Best Customer Service in the Industry

Extension of you-
True partnership

Since we only work with 10 clients at a time, we are focused on growing your business, not ours. The benefits- you get the whole team, not an account coordinator who is still learning the business. We work collaboratively here to make your experience awesome and to make you a Rock Star.

Best Field Reps in the Industry

Your CEO will think they are on your payroll.

We spend a ridiculous amount of time and energy making sure your tour team is awesome and truly represents your brand. 90% of the success of every field program is great humans and great training. We’ll give you both!

Processes That Drive Your Comfort

We’ve got your back. We sweat the small stuff.

Sometimes our clients are nervous about how to build and launch an event marketing program. We do it every day and we have the processes to make sure you are comfortable throughout the journey. You’ll always know where we are and where we are heading.

Independent Agency Since 1995

Been there and done that – yep we’re that good!

We love what we do here every day as much as we did when we started. Back then, marketers didn’t know the results they could get from doing an experiential program. Today, every industry is active in experiential marketing and it’s hot! Why? Because it works!

Results Focused

We build programs that deliver!

We understand doing cool programs is fun but you also need to stand in front of the CFO to show what value the budget provided. We start with the end in mind and build programs designed to drive ROI! In that meeting, you become a Rock Star.

We Create Award Winning Experiences That Drive Results


Play Everywhere Tour: Powered by Target

Event Production


Street Teams

Tractor Supply Company

Mobile Vehicle Tour


B2B Mobile Trade Show

Thanks so much for making the KABOOM! Play Everywhere Tour sponsored by Target such a professionally run, beautifully-executed experience. The community in each market really embraced this program and we’ve heard nothing but rave reviews! We are so proud to be a part of it.

KABOOM! and Target

I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what a great job your team did with the National Snapple Straight Up Tea sampling activation! Communication, organization, and activation were all excellent and our field sales group raves about you guys and they can be a tough group to please.

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group

Pro Motion is a true partner for Tractor Supply…but more like an extension of our company. They bring us proactive ideas and solutions and are driven by mutual success, which is what we strive for in all relationships. Integrity and expertise are a great combination!

Tractor Supply Company

The mobile trade show was a great experience for us! It allowed us to use technology to get our products in front of our clients, gave us feedback of what our customers are looking for and generated sales team excitement. The Pro Motion tour managers were extreme Ambassadors.


Since 1995,
what we do best:

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Events and Pop-up Shops

B2B Roadshows and Events

Creative, Original and Branded Content

Sampling/Street Teams

Event Talent

Strategy / Consulting

Mobile Vehicle Tours

Social Amplification

Measurable ROI

Trusted by these B2B and B2C Brands and Their Agencies

Recognition Worth Bragging About

Take a Look at Our Trophy Case!

Our true awards are our long-standing relationships with great brands and really great people.  While we don’t put a lot of weight in industry awards, we are proud of the recognition.

We’re not your typical, well-established independent experiential agency

Our Passion:

Happy clients

Our Teams:

Every client gets senior level account team

Our Focus:

Making our clients rock stars

Our Promise:

Tangible results

Our Culture:

Collaborative, focused on results, fun and nimble


We only work with 10 clients at a time

Our Mission:

Never want to be the biggest agency, only the best

Our clients tell us we are amazing (their words) and a great partner.  They tell us we are incredibly attentive and responsive.  They say our service and creativity is crazy good…and we add lots of value.  Whew!

You see, we’re picky and don’t have to work with every brand who sends us an RFP.  Our most successful relationships are with companies who understand what a true partnership is and appreciates the value of a great one.  It becomes the definition of synergy where 1+1=3.  Fortunately, we have lots of those.

At Pro Motion, we are a group of event professionals who really enjoy working together.  We have each other’s backs and when you work with us, you get all of us.  If we were a car brand, we’d love to say we are a Lambo, but in reality, we are a Jeep.  We are adventurous, capable, reliable and fun. And, that is what our clients are looking for from us.  They are not looking for lots of sizzle, the biggest ideas that don’t fit their budgets or programs with tons of risk.  Our clients live in the real world and they want practical creativity that gets results and that’s what we deliver.

So, do you think there is chemistry between us?  Let’s find out…

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